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Distributed Computing I signed up to the BBC's experiment in Climate Prediction which is part of a wider experiment run by climateprediction.net. They are using the boinc architecture to run a distributed computing project that aims to use the Met Office climate model to run many unique versions of the world (from the year 1920 onwards). The initial conditions of your models vary but the progress of each may be vastly different due to the often quoted 'butterfly effect'. My little bit is slowly contributing both in computing power and (ironically) to global warming. I would have left my computer running anyway so it's not too bad (though with the cpu throttled down when idle.

Well the really fascinating bit is Boincstats Where you can follow the progress of your little bit of a globalcomputing network involved in many other projects, go on just try it.

Blubells are out ! 3rd May 2006 (I mean flowering not pase or anything)


Contact There are few things more pleasureable in life than being contacted out of the blue by an old school friend. one you actually liked Thanks Lisa, you made my weekend

Karma? I'm a believer in the idea of karma... well what goes arround comes arround and do as you would be done by. Obviously there's nothing overseeing the process and making sure you get your share. When my car had been "Keyed" down both doors this morning I decided to help my karma along a little... and donated to a friends fundraising walk for an MS charity event horizon and there was you thinking I was going to do something nasty

Spring is upon us This years annual photography kit lust has culminated in the purchase of a Canon 100mm f2.8 macro lens, My first prime! and I'm a fan. It's sharper than a sharp thing with extra sharpey bits, and lots of springtime stuff happening to practice macro on.

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