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Just a collection of Linux woes and joys not big enough to merit a whole page

ping This pinging lark (when blogs update 'n all not tcp/ip) Thought I might be missing out running a blog on a wiki but it seems not...looks like there 's a wiki ping built in that can be stripped down and used to ping a technorati account, It seems to work so Here are the details on technorati http://www.technorati.com/developers/ping/

Stuff just has to work Spending unhealthy amounts of the day in front of a monitor(s) can make you quite particular about your environment and things just have to 'right'. The corporate desktop is Windows 2000, well that's the first problemWith a few hundred unix machines humming not so quietly in a server room to look after the windows desktop is just for email (not even that now) putty and Xmanager do a fine job of letting me admin various unix hosts but they just cant touch a good Linux setup ...

That will be a dual-head LCD running Xorg / KDE... gkrellm, and xmms for the sounds (headphones essential for concentration)... a dose of amarok has got me fiddling with the perfect xmms setup (amarok sadly and cowardly refuses to work on my work machine... at home on a nice AMD64 it's fine). So to make xmms like amarok, pluguins required (CDcover for displaying the Album covers, audioscrobbler to submit tracks to last.fm) and I'm trying out imms which promises 'an adaptive playlist framework that tracks your listening patterns and dynamically adapts to your taste.

It doesn't stop there, there is the browser environment with all it's plugins and extensions too currently my firefox has Fasterfox, Sage, Web developer, Tamper Data, Stumbleupon and Google toolbar. I'm quite pleased with the latest Google toolbar as they have seen fit to incorporate a spellcheck for forms..not as good as the one in Konqueror but at least it's there (the spellbound plugin I had never seemed to be updated when firefox was)...Nearly there

This introspective examination of my desktop was prompted by the failure of my previously faithful scsi disk that failed to survive an office move. (having just commented to a collegue that when your disk starts to sound like an electric plane then it's probably a good time to check the backup) I hadn't completely headed my own advice... and when Suse and Reiser between them refused to boot it the luckily Knoppix did (though it did take the best part of 6 hours to transfer about 12GB of home directory onto a USB2 external harddisk??? what's going on there I'm sure knoppix has a ehci module.. who knows it's done now....and the MGA 400 dualhead graphics card has been replaced with a lowprofile MGA550... so I can put the lid on the new desktop machine (which gont only slightly butchered to get the MGA400 to fit in. It's good to have a clearout every now and then an remind yourself just wat was important in your old setup.

"If it aint broke..." I learned something new about MySQL today... well there's a whole lot to learn as I'm no DBA... but there are 2 root accounts one with the host set to localhost and the other set to a hostname you need both ! Having cleared out the hostname one in a fit of spring cleaning (I'm not as daft as that sounds..) The database had been moved from a different host so the hostname was incorrect, everything still worked so that 'old' hostname root account probably did nothing right ? Wrong, so everything works without it except myphpadmin wich refused to connect There is lots on the interwibble about starting up in safe mode with skip grant etc but very little about what to do when you've deleted one of the two and still have access. Well the solution came from inspecting a backup mysqldump I had simply log in
USE mysql;
VALUES ('hostname','root','','Y','Y','Y','Y','Y','Y','Y','Y','Y','Y','Y','Y','Y','Y','Y','Y','Y','Y','Y','Y','Y','','','','',0,0,0);

and Robert is your Mum's brother so to speak
Obvious isn't it ;-)

Never trust what developers say they want "It's alright RAID5 is fine, I'd rather have the space, don't worry about backing it up it's only a developmet system, we can redo anything"... boot recovery CD, find obscure name for raid device now unaccountably /dev/ida/c0d0p2 when the system was quite happy with /dev/cciss/c0d0p2, e2fsck /dev/ida/c0d0p2 wait ... wait some more ... press 'Y' an unfeasably large number of times, reboot (cross fingers) relief note to self: No one really wants RAID5 get more disks and stripe & mirror and back it up anyway

When it looks like the hardware is broken, sometimes it isnt This is a bizzare one, I have a mirror at work that downloads various distribution patches and upgrades to reduce the bandwidth use of external sites with everyone doing the same (after all that's what tmirrors are for) To allow for my home internet connectivity (dial up, aka wet piece of string) I use mkisofs to package up all the goodies on the mirror server and write the resulting image to a dvd +rw (k3b using growisofs) take it home an install it, untill suddenly I couldnt get the dvd to work properly at home. The files all appeared to be in place (untill you tried to use them). If I did a file filename I got an I/O error on my home 64 bit SuSe 10... at work all seemed fine dmesg reported attempt to access beyond end of device
hdc: rw=0, want=8951444, limit=6863360
before I threw away my dvd reader at home I tried bringing the iso home on a portable hard disk and mounted it using a loopback mount mount -t /media/usbdisk/suplementary_x86_64.iso -o loop /mnt
good job too as all was fine... looking even more like my dvd reader (or writer at work was broken) well after trying another writer I had the same problem
untill with a tiny hint of an idea from a google search I upgraded my growisofs version from 5.21 to 6.1 Ahh, all sweetness and light everything works once more .

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