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Every now and then I take a photograph that I quite like, (It happens... along with all those primates claiming that Shakespeare plagiarised an idea they'd had about a Danish Prince). Putting photos into a website gives them (photos not monkeys) (or me) a sort of purpose which helps me consider the shot more carefully both before it is taken and afterwards rather than just filed and forgotten.

The originals are a mixture of Slide Film and Digital. The film shots were taken either on Fuji Velvia (50) or EBX (Kodak Elite Chrome Extra colour 100) Slidefilm using a Canon EOS 500N. The Digital shots were taken on Canon's superb EOS 10D. Any editing is usually just croping or adjusting for a scan.

Previously I said; "Much as I like 'The Gimp' in Linux, I have much more time invested in Adobe Photoshop which will run nicely in Linux with the Codeweavers Crossover Office port of Wine." However since the Gimp 2.2, filters have previews (essential for unsharp mask) and RAW file conversion is expertly handled by a number of plugins. I think GIMP (GNU Image Manipulation Program) is now my photo editor of choice (and it runs happily on Windows & Linux platforms).

The images that I'm most pleased with tend to go on my Flickr stream
Ian Hayhurst. Get yours at bighugelabs.com/flickr

actually skip the stuff below it's 8 years old go here Flickr river

The rest of my photography wibble is here.......... (link for anyone unlucky enough not to know what wibble is)
Ian M. Hayhurst
200x133 Thumbnails

Lion In The Rain
Cotswold Wildlife Park 2004

Jokulsarlon Glacier Lake
Iceland 1999

Dinton Pastures, Reading 2002

Sussex Silver
Marwell 2002

Cornish Beachcaster
Cornwall 2002

Under the Gunnera
Cornwall 2002

Western Australia 2001

Wagon at sunset
Western Australia, Canarvon Jetty 2001

Walking to Twin Falls
NT Australia, Kakadu 2001

No Visible Means of Support
NT Australia, Kings Canyon 2001

Shell Face


Horse Chestnut Bud-Burst

Unusual Weir



Sulphur Tuft In the Dew
(Hypholoma Fasciculare)

A Drop Of Rainbow

Clearly Wet PLastic

A Ride On
The Watercress Line

Stormy Littlehampton
From West Beach

La Vache Qui Rit

Romanesque Cauliflowerr

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