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spooky charicature

About Me

Vanity publishing be damned. I had to find somewhere to put this spooky caricature. Courtesy of Luisa Calvo at Wickedcariactures. So that's what I look like, I've been on this dizzy dive into the gravity well around the closest sustained nuclear fusion reaction we affectionately call Sol for 40 rotations now.

I pass the hours spent facing it as a UNIX system Administrator for a Chemo/Bioinformatics group. This hasn't always been so, I started earning a crust by looking at the passage of xenobiotic compounds into plants and insects whilst taking a Biochemistry Degree in the hours between. Degree safely under the belt (and 12 years of poking at insect nerve cords, with HPLC and GC/MS) It was time to hang up the Gilson's and indulge my passion for making bit's of lab kit talk to each other and get serious with Tru64 (R.I.P. the beauteous O.S. now in sad decline) and Linux (a beauteous O.S. with a bright future) and become the Unix sysadmin I am today er yesterday. only now we call it Informatics Product Manager

The particular bit of our ball of rock that when illuminated, would allow you to see me is Berkshire in the United Kingdom; more specifically Bracknell, which is definitely not a seaside town noted for fresh air and fun... (more roundabouts and shoe shops and not seaside at all). Alternative Guide to Bracknell Although it's home I'm not completely at home here, surrounded by locals who pronounce bath as barthe and grass as gr-arse. No I'm probably one of the many progeny of Met Office Nomads. The UK Meteorological Office was based in Bracknell until 2004 and it's many employees worldwide (and their children of which I was one) are drawn here by it's special 'gravity' sometimes they escape but it's a brief respite from the inevitable. The Met Office then cowardly re-located to Exeter in Devon. I can't be too harsh on the Met Office though, as before Bracknell my homes were the delightful Malvern in Worcestershire and Blackburn Lancashire. I spent my formative years on a small tropical Island in the South Pacific called Efate (part of the New Hebrides now known as Vanuatu).

I married a particularly fine looking native (of Berkshire not Vanuatu) who has given me two particularly fine children IMHO well I think so anyway one an XX variety the other XY. When they give me time I find happiness pointing my camera at stuff Photography is my fantasy alternative career, strumming a guitar, Reading (mostly Science Fiction), frightening the neighbours with a didgeridoo, gazing at the sky (in the dark) messing about with Linux or re-modeling my dwelling with primitive tools and materials (that last one commonly known as D.I.Y. is more of a task than a pleasure) oh yes and sampling Islay's fine output of Malt Whisky.

About The Site

Wibble Wobble Wah is just a bit of text I tend to type when looking for a something (a variable for instance like foo and bar) I needed a name for something that had previously been 'Ian Hayhurst's Photography, Linux and stream of conciousness' retrospectively I realise an acronym (or acrostic if you want to be pedantic) shared with World Wide Web so it seemed appropriate. Oh look here's a definition of wibble that says more or less that(above)...mmm metasyntactic variable.

After slowly developing a website for my own personal indulgence and somewhere to put the odd photo using html in a text editor (yes vi, nedit or textpad depending on platform) I realised I was getting a little picky about how the html looked rather than the content and actually altering the site took ages so I migrated it to use wikka wiki more specifically a modification called Wikka:InvisibleWiki

modifications for a gallery The wiki migration was primarily to enable a quick update to the site to add photos.. something my favourite wiki engine doesn't excel at I'm starting with the style sheet and will add the php action when I know exactly what I want

Inspired by Philip Greenspun's article Envisioning a site that won't be featured In suck.com

This Site is hosted by OnWorld on a Linux Server (is there any other way?). It's an excellent service for which I'm eternally grateful to Asif.
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