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How to get your kids to eat broccoli

Fractal Vegetable
Romanesque Cauliflower

After watching my offspring disconsolately pushing the verdant cruciferous vegetable delight known as broccoli around their plates for 20 minutes, hiding it or surreptitiously attempting to orbit it ( basically anything but eat it), I thought some fatherly encouragement might be in order. I was struck by inspiration; To the youngest (age 2) I phrased the notion that It might turn his poo green.Evidently the prospect of turning this now somewhat less turgid brassica into a green turd stimulated his imagination and it was gone in a trice.

Pleased though I was at this point, it was hardly a major accomplishment as we're still at the stage with this one where spontaneous avionics displays of his grub initiated by parents, culminating in emergency touchdowns on his tongue are still sufficient inspiration to actually ingest it. No the flash of genius was suggesting to his sister (an infinitely more sceptical 4 year old) that the element of competition afforded by a poo race might be amusing. Eager to entertain no further delay at the prospect of being the first to pass a large green stool, the aforementioned calabrese was promptly masticated.

Needless to say this was all too much for our distinguished dinner guest (Mother in-law) but even she agreed that the technique (although highly unorthodox) had demonstrated a remarkable efficacy in getting my children to eat their greens.

The Romanesque Cauliflower pictured, I bought just to photograph which I did using a low powered ringflash off the camera as a light source so metering was very much try-it-and-see I quite like the final spotlight effect and reminds me very much of a subject a raytracer might choose (appropriate maths could generate the fractal (it looks a bit like part of a Julia set to me) wood grain and spotlighting very much a raytracer's stock in trade) Needless to say the kids did eat this one afterwards without promising it's colourful egress from biological processing
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