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Atypical British Summer?

A Ride On
The Watercress Line

Stormy Littlehampton
From West Beach

La Vache Qui Rit

Summer 2007
Ha! typical / atypical I don't really know anymore. After several years of very hot summers and drought, was 2007 just a return to the norm we all forgot about? Apart from the obvious distress caused by the flooding, I think it's been much better in a photographic sense. I was beginning to think the UK didn't 'do' proper clouds and went from a very un-picturesque fog, through gray featureless blanket cover straight into clear blue skys. This summer has had some spectacular clouds and brooding thunderheads which look great over agricultural land. The additional excitement and frisson of danger (do we take out wet weather gear or risk it)

Picking the exact moment is not something that landscape photographers have to do too much (on the scale of seconds that is) A Ride On The Watercress Line as the title suggests was exactly that. It was a family day out (a day out with Thomas the Tank engine no less!) On the way between Ropley and Arlesford I spotted this scene as we flashed by, I wasn't that quick but on the return journey I was ready , window open, braced and most importantly IS (Image stabilisation) switched on, waiting for the perfect moment to slide into view, The red car was just lucky

With the current (or recurrent) bouts of foot and mouth and now Blue tongue, 'Daisy' here probably isn't laughing any more, unless it's about the possibility of our not being able to go anywhere in the Autumn either as no doubt we'll see mass footpath closures (less people spread infected midges about on their wellies). Just think of all the CO2 that we haven't released in all those summer barbecues that didn't happen. This was a cow of an exposure please forgive the pun and I ended up processing the raw file twice once for the sky and once for the detail in the white parts of my smiling subject, then blending the two exposures I like o keep post processing to an absolute minimum but sometimes there's not much choice

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