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Work Photo Competition - Night

Sydney From Under The Bridge

After the sucess of the photo competition at work for getting everyone out and about shooting Images (well it motivated me anyway) and my mushroom shot being selected (for one if the five winning slots) We decided to do a mini competition each month, with a monthly theme. Voting on the best 3 each month with the ultimate goal being to produce a calender for 20078 with the work from all the competitions. The next theme up was Night. Panic a day before the deadline for entry I scanned one shot on slide film from 2001 Taken about 3 days before the awful 9/11 disaster and spent an hour cavorting about on the back lawn with a torch flashlight and some glow sticks in the rain trying some Painting with Light to get the Night Gremlins picture. Cold, rain and likelihood that the neighbours were busy calling up the funny-farm on my behalf forced me indoors where unobserved in total darkness I could perform a slow-motion version of twister or tai-chi with 3 glow sticks to take the final entry Glow Crazy. All good fun. The best bit was that the Sydney shot was selected in the final 3 a candidate inclusion in the calender.

Glow Crazy

Night Gremlins
We break you windows and poo on the border

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