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Fun With Polarising Filters


A Drop Of Rainbow

Clearly Wet PLastic

Fun with polarising filters With a polariser on your lightsource (ringflash in the case of Stress behind the subject) and another in-front of the lens the stress patterns in transparent plastic objects can be revealed in glorious technicolour. In Stress the subject is the centre of a transparent CD jewel-case.

In a later attempt to repeat the above with different objects I was somewhat hampered by the fact that I'd completely trashed a polarising filter taped to a halogen desk lamp (polarisers are expensive and do not like getting hot) I accidentally realised that I was in fact sitting in-front of a large polarised light source.. my nice LCD monitor. Whilst setting up a shot I'd rotated a polariser on the lens and the monitor completely blacked out through the lens
A Drop Of Rainbow and Clearly Wet Plastic are both shot directly in-front of an LCD monitor with the background set to white, A polarising filter on the lens is rotated until the monitor blacks-out so the only light provided is where the plastic rotates the plane of polarisation to allow it through the lens filter, in the droplets you can see the image of the monitor behind them

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