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Water found in Bracknell

Drama as leak becomes geyser

Jan 30th 2007 Arriving home tonight I couldn't fail to miss the water leak outside the house that was going at about 10 litres / second. We dutifully called the water company who turned up an hour later (well one representative anyway) scratched his chin and went away again....another 2 hours later some contractors turned up to dig up the road and mend the pipe. We were roused from veg-ing out on the sofa in front of "Holby City" after the trauma of feeding and getting the kids to bed by the gentle sound of err rain? The leak had assumed a vertical dimension better than any of the fireworks I've seen for some time (OK apart from those for new year in front of the London eye... they really were rather special) Is this normal procedure for fixing water leaks? Shame it was just too late for the January theme of or work photo competition... Night.
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